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When it comes to choosing a cardiologist, patients might feel like they are left with a decision. Of course, they want someone who will take the time to get to know their patients and educate them about treatment options. Balance that against finding a cardiologist who will move people through quickly so more people get access to care. The provider at Sunnyvale Cardiology doesn’t think its patients should have to pick one or the other. At their Sunnyvale, Texas, office, Prasad Maddukuri, MD, FACC, MRCP, Larry Moore, MD, FACC, and Apurva Patel MD, MPH, FACC offer personalized, supportive care with short wait times

For years, the team at Sunnyvale Cardiology has been offering their patients convenient access to the comprehensive, compassionate care they deserve. Dr. Maddukuri, Dr. Moore, Dr. Patel and their staff work together to ensure they’re leveraging the best techniques and procedures available today.

They don’t just treat cardiovascular conditions; they also actively prevent them. They strive to build a relationship with each patient so every person they see can make the right decision, armed with the right information, for their wellness and lifestyle goals.

At the same time, they ensure their office runs efficiently so patients can enjoy shorter wait times and quick appointments. To add another layer of convenience, they also perform a wide range of testing in-office.

Dr. Maddukuri, Dr. Moore, and Dr. Patel tailor a personalized treatment plan for each patient. Each plan includes thorough prevention and early detection measures, plus the right treatment for that individual. Sunnyvale Cardiology is experienced in treating a range of cardiovascular conditions, including high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, arrhythmia, chest pain, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and more.

For high-quality, personalized, and convenient cardiological care, look no further than Sunnyvale Cardiology. Call or book your appointment online today.


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