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Your heart plays a critical role in your body. But how do you know it’s healthy and functioning as it should? Certainly, a doctor can listen to your heartbeat to start understanding the current condition of your heart. If you want a clearer, more accurate picture of your heart health, though, you need an echocardiogram. This powerful, safe procedure gives Prasad Maddukuri, MD, FACC, MRCP, and Larry Moore, MD, FACC, the opportunity to visualize your heart and how it’s working. To learn more about echocardiograms and what they can do for you, call Sunnyvale Cardiology or book your appointment at their Sunnyvale, Texas, office online.

Echocardiogram Q & A

What is an echocardiogram?

During an echocardiogram, Dr. Maddukuri, or Dr. Moore use high-frequency sound waves to take a look at your heart via ultrasound. This is the same technique that’s used to perform ultrasounds of babies still in the womb. It’s completely safe and has no side effects.

By bouncing these high-frequency sound waves against the structures of your heart, Dr. Maddukuri, and Dr. Moore can see its structure, the size of each of its chambers, and how well it’s pumping blood.

Who needs an echocardiogram?

An echocardiogram is an ideal noninvasive procedure for anyone who needs more information about how their heart is operating. Specifically, it helps Dr. Maddukuri, and Dr. Moore see:

  • The strength of each pump
  • How your heart moves
  • If any of your valves are narrowing
  • If any of your blood is leaking the wrong direction
  • If there are any unwanted growths (e.g., tumors)
  • If there are any blood clots
  • If the chambers of your heart have any holes


In short, an echocardiogram is a preventive measure that can ensure your heart is operating the way it should. It’s also a diagnostic tool to help identify any issues. Dr. Maddukuri, and Dr. Moore recommend it to patients when they need to take a closer look at how the heart is functioning.

What should I expect during an echocardiogram?

One of the best things about this procedure is that it’s completely safe and noninvasive. You don’t need to do anything to prepare for the test. You can eat and drink as you usually would leading up to your appointment.

During your echocardiogram, you relax as Dr. Maddukuri, or Dr. Moore move a small device, called a transducer, over your chest. The transducer emits safe ultrasound waves into your chest, where they bounce against the structure of your heart, producing images and sounds. In essence, they “echo” off the structures in your chest, giving Dr. Maddukuri and Dr. Reynolds an inside look at your overall heart health.

Sunnyvale Cardiology also offers stress echocardiograms, during which you move on a treadmill while your echocardiogram is performed. This shows how your heart moves blood when your heart is under stress, and it can identify certain blood flow issues.

Your heart health shouldn’t be a mystery. Get a clear look at it with an echocardiogram. Call Sunnyvale Cardiology or schedule your appointment online to get started.